Hi! Teh Grazzh0pper back again, bringing to you another blog on inside a champion, where I will be talking about a champion's motive for doing certain actions or being perceived in such a way. This one will be a bit long though.

Well, many perceive Veigar to be the oddball with the high pitched voice, the master of evil who is twisted and can nuke AP casters as long as he lands his Event Horizon.

However, if you read his lore, you will find out that he was turned mad after being set up to take the blame for others. I leave you to read that part of his lore.

But I do not really believe that he is twisted. I just believe that he has turned into a shell of his former self-in effect, tempoarily losing his character and soul.

You cannot simply dismiss his actions as evil. One would think that such a powerful mage not under control by the League has the power to go to the Bandle City town council, say hi, send Dark Matter and nuke the town hall then run away. This is called doing something really evil. However, he does not really use his true power that he gains from learning dark magic, instead he just tries to convince people that he is evil. This shows that from the years in prison that he was in isolation, he yearned for people to care for him and look for him, as I presume that anyone who was connected to him before the mishap would probably think that he is dead by now.

Look at the notable "evil" deeds he has done. What has he done? The only notable deed he has done is to try to steal The Mothership, which was only symbolic to yordles. His feeble plan got foiled by the worst champion in the league, Teemo, and this shows that he is not really evil, just trying to show that he is evil in order to get the attention of others, the kind of attention he lacked in prison. But honestly, no one really cares about him, as they know that he does not dare to do much.

To me, he isn't evil. He is just confused, and he has lost his identity. He has forgotten who he really is and why he is in this world. One could say that he is misguided. However, he isn't doomed. I do believe that there is a way for him to regain his identity.

Crazy as it might sound, I think that Veigar could spend more time with Lulu. If you would compare their personalities, both are extremely curious. They have both experienced being rejected by Bandle City ( Veigar considered a menace, Lulu banished), and Lulu can easily emphasize with Veigar's plight. By hanging out with Lulu, Lulu could potentially bring back the pre-Noxus Veigar and turn him into a "good" character, finding back his identity (one of curiosity, just like Lulu-except Lulu explored differently) and realize who he truly is.

I hope that people don't dismiss Veigar as a hapless, crazy lunatic who is hopeless now :).

Teh Grazzh0pper, signing off. Do comment about anything and also comment about the next characters that you want to see! The next one will be about Annie.