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Teh Grazzh0pper

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Teh Grazzh0pper's Mobafire Blog

30 Mar

Views: 567 People these days.....

So I met this troll who was advertising his guide on 10+ other peoples guide, and I reported him. The mod removed his advertisement and what does he do? He trollvotes my guide, giving **** reasons.

I don't have to name him, but you should know who he is by reading the latest comments on my guide.

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07 Feb

Views: 919 to the community

what r u doin

stahp commenting on someone else's guide (ten commandments of writing a guide) and take the argument somewhere else(not on my blog plz)
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03 Feb
Ok so I decided to create a guide on Vayne yesterday when it occured to me that it may be like the thousands of guides here on Mobafire. Not saying that it's bad or anything, but it's a bit....... rigid. So I'm thinking for my Vayne guide I'm going to try something new which is to write the guide in the Shoes of Vayne herself. I know this sounds crazy and people will be like "How in the world is your idea going to work?" but I want to try it out. When I eventually release the guide, it may be good average mediocre HORRIBLE but I just want to try out a new way of making...
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