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AngeHunt (Unverified)
Kha'Zix, Skarner, Maokai
Jungler, Melee DPS, Jungler


Hi my name is sylar, But call me AngeHunt/Uncle Jax.I love jax and i cant think of any reason why i would hate the champion.I use Jax very powerful/Tanky, i do alot of 1vs2 Top to prove how powerful and strong i am. But my main role is jungle, And the reason i take jungle is because im not really good at taking my CS,But my way of killing in 2vs1 is to use the tower as advantage, When you use leap Strike try to use it by using Counter Strike first, People use Empower but i take Counter Strike instead of Empower. Well that's all :D
Remember AngeHunt, Find AngeHunt ;D and add him

-From Sylar, Jung

btw i also a kr server player, if you want to find me heres my name.우주전사 영웅

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