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Maokai, Ziggs, Fizz
Jungler, Melee DPS, Caster DPS


My favorite champions to play are, by role:

Tank: Maokai 2nd: Leona
Bruiser: Renekton 2nd: Wukong
AP Carry: Ziggs 2nd: Fizz 3rd: Brand
Support: Thresh 2nd: Nami
AD Carry: Varus 2nd: Graves

About guide reviews:
I make a habit of give and take, so if you review one of my newer guides, I will eventually get back to you and review your guide if you have one. If you make a guide later, or if I forget to return a review, feel free to message me asking for a review, I'll get to it eventually.

I am not very active for the time being on Mobafire because school and girlfriend have priority. If I have not yet done something that I promise to do, have patience, it will get done in time. I am moderately active on Mobafire now. PM me if I take longer than 10 days to do something I promise to do for you.

I believe there is a special place in hell for people who vote up or down based only on the cheat sheet at the top of the guide. So I challenge you to be considerate of guide authors and read and rate based on the actual content of every guide you read.