I've lately been very attracted to PsiGuard and have finally decided to express my feelings towards him.

Here lies my first attempt at winning him over :

[9:26] : I just saqw the best upsexy ever
now you answer "what's upsexy"
[9:27] PsiGuard: what's updumbass
[9:27] Kefka Palazzo: rip
I tried
[9:29] PsiGuard: http://booksofamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/there-was-an-attempt.png
[9:30] Kefka Palazzo: can you fill in a quick survey for me? it's really important to me
[9:33] PsiGuard: is it the phone one
[9:33] Kefka Palazzo: ****
can I follow you home?...
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