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Thatdudeinthecotton's Mobafire Blog

14 Aug

Things done:

1: Wrote A Guide

2: Made A Video

3: Discovered A Conspiracy

So yeah, Guess I'm back on the site. Been lurking for the last couple months stockpiling ideas and stuff for the guide I wanted to write. Its Off-Beat Builds: An Introduction. Its essentially a look at some old and new builds that are somewhat unusual and different from the regular fair. I made it in hopes that it facilitates some discussion about non-meta champion builds, and...
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30 Sep
Yo, just got back from the eurogamer Expo and it was awesome :D
Woulof blogged sooner but internet issuses have prevented me from publishing a really long blog detailing everything (Ive tried 3 times now ;_;) So if you want super detailed info just ask.
Heres a super brief summary of what M e and my bro thought of the games we got our hands on

Batman:Arkham Origins; 9/10
Occulus Rift; 9/10
Pokémon x and y; 8/10
Dark souls 2; 10/10 (awesome and ball bustingly hard :D)
Velocity X2; 7/10
Gran Turismo 6; 8/10
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z; 3/10
Sonic Other world (title might be wrong);...
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26 Sep
Sooooo, hello. Don't wanna ramble so I'll be alittle bit more to-the-point than usual :)

#1: Im headed to the eurogamer expo tommorow!!
For anyone who isn't familiar its the biggest gaming convention in the uk every year. Its gonna have ps4,xboxone,the occulus rift, dark souls 2, the new batman and *** creed games AND A WHOLE LOT MORE :D
So yeah, Im hyped :)

#2: Well, on a not so awesome note, my long ethernet cable has been broken by a certain someone who'll go unnamed (my brother matthew) and now I can't lol :(
Ive ordered a new cable since they're way cheaper...
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12 Sep
Yo, welcome to my second blog post.

Couple things happening right now for me:
Firstly, College, I'll be attending it. That is to say my second year of college starts next Monday, doing a computers course for those who don't know. Hoping to get into game design, though Id be fine working as a programmer as well. Due to some course changes, the stuff I learned from one of my modules (networking) has become totally obsolete and I know have to cram in two years worth of the stuff thats on the new course :(
Still, I mostly enjoy it, so it should be cool.

On a much more relevant note, I...
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01 Jun
Hey there, this is my first real blog entry on Mobafire and I just wanted to use it to talk about whats been occupying me recently.

First off you may (or may not) have noticed that I've been a bit absent from the website for a little while. This was mostly due to my Computer-studies exams that I had to take at the end of May. Since I spent the last two weeks cramming for the exams, I didn't really have the time for web surfing and what have you.

Secondly, on a more relevant note, my ap Gangplank guides been featured in Gott der 7 Meere's encyclopaedia of...
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