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~Who Am I~
Heyo! I'm Sabrina, but most people call me Bri or Brizzlez
I am 19 and I live in New England which is located in the US! I'm an aspiring Model with hopes to get into the Youtube world someday soon.
I play A BUNCH of different games and you can usually find me under the tags 'The 0nyx Fox' or 'Ms Kitsune'. I'm always up to try new games so if you know of any good ones, feel free to shoot me a message!!!

~Why I love Video Games/How I got into them~
Video games are literally my pasion, my life, my one true love lol They have been a HUGE part of my life ever since I was little. I really got into them because of my family. Just about all of my close related family plays some sort of MMO RPG and if its not that, they are hooked to some kind of console game (COD, Spiro, Skyrim, ETC). I started off playing Everquest and eventually moved my way into World of Warcraft and from there fell inlove with the idea of pvp style gaming. It wasn't until the end of Season 2 when my friend introduced me to the wonderful game we all know and love/hate/rage over, League of Legends.

~Main Video Games I play~
The games I play on a daily/regular basis would have to be World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Which the occassional Minecraft thrown in there when I get bored lmao ^.^

~Main Class in World of Warcraft~
Honestly I have been playing WoW since its beta release. My grandparents and I got really into it as a family thing. I love all the classes (Except for maybe Paladis... Kinda hate pallys lol) equally but if I had to choose.. It would be a close tie between Priest and Druid. I play alot of Player vr Player battle ground and Arenas as my Balance/Restoration Druid whom I adore but I have really been getting into my Discipline/Shadow priest lately. So honestly I couldnt pick, I love them both soooo much<3

~Main Champion in League of Legends~
The first Champion I ever played was Ahri, She was free that week and I was so excited when I saw her. I have a slight obession with Kitsune (Japanese term for Fox Demons/Deity originating from Chinese and then later on Japanese culture. Like I said.. SLIGHT obession..) and also the fox happens to be my favorite animal :) BUT ANYWAYS! Ahri was one of my main reason I was able to get into and enjoy this game so much and its probably for that reason why she is my main go-to champion now.

~My Dreams/Goals~
I really.. Really.. REALLY!! Wanna become a well known Streamer/Youtuber. When I say video games are my passion I'm 100% dead serious. They are everything to me, from my family, to my friend, to just having fun. And if I could make a career out of that, It would be amazing. I got a ways to go though, But every day is a step closer to achieving that.. Hopefully lol. (For now I'm kinda just having fun while working on my modeling Career.)

~Random Things About Me~
I like kittens, Cake and Nahcooooooss~
Lol Idk. I kinda ramble and talk about things that probably dont matter all that much but hey, oh well. Add Me! Lets Game<3