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Summoner Info

EmbracedShadow (Unverified)
Blitzcrank, Fiora, Warwick
Support, Melee DPS, Tank


"Im back old friends, back with avengance."-The Lost Legacy of Riot

Once lost he was never seen again. Once lost he was forgotten. He has traveled hoplessly through harsh winters and scorching summers. The Lost Legacy of Riot was sent to fight the 5 great champions on his own, but before he could get there he was kidnapped and takin away forever. Now forever forced to look for those 5 champions he has found himself 4 friends and hopes to fight with them side by side. Now looking for his kingdom and those 5, he found a dark and mysterious castle where once his kingdom resided, and standing on top of those towers was the evil 5 waiting to attack at the right moment.
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