So I've always been of the opinion that being in Elo hell is a mindset rather than an actual thing. Regardless of rating, when you are stuck and choose to blame allies instead of owning up to mistakes yourself, you are in Elo hell. I don't really consider myself to be in Elo hell, by that definition, as I definitely admit when I make mistakes (and, often, blame myself for things that aren't my fault) and attempt to remedy them rather than just pointing fingers.

Today (in a very long discussion on twitter), I was told I am an idiot for believing this. I was also informed that, instead, "Elo hell" is something I'm "stuck in" due to my dependency on others. Meaning if I was good enough to carry my team, I wouldn't be "there".

So I have a question for everyone. What do you think? Is being in Elo hell caused by a mindset that carries over into any rating/role/ect? Or is it actually caused by a dependency on others and can, therefore, be entirely prevented just by carrying?