-was asked to knit a hat by my youngest brother for christmas (which I've done, obviously), and now need to make a similar one for my middle brother in a different color.

-need to start charting colorwork for a Kennen hat (going to knit a prototype to keep before I knit the real thing for the person who asked for it). This is gonna be a long endeavor, involving a lot of yarn and quite a bit of work.

-Going to rip out and redesign a sweater I'd been working on, I don't like the pattern and I have a neat idea for what to do with it instead.

-Working on a purple and navy houndstooth patterned hat that is part of a trade, need to finish that.

-Need to go ahead and finish the Amumu bandage scarf...y'know, the one I started a year ago? 8D

-Need to go ahead and finish knitting myself a hat I designed (the original was intended to be a sample and I don't get to keep it :<). I have less than 1 inch knitted on it atm...and I want my damn tweedy, spiral rib hat.

-Going to knit some cowls from my handspun for a couple people...I have one of them cast on and haven't even finished a single row.

-Want to spin up some jacob wool to make myself a pair of winter gloves...dunno when that'll get done, if ever.

-Intend to knit fingerless gloves for a friend's birthday this year, we'll see if that ever happens.

And this is just what I plan to do....god, I need a life.