So today I got my eyes checked and turns out my eyes are special (aka kinda screwed up).
For one the vision my right eye is somewhat worse than my left (20-40 vs. 20-30).
If that wasn't enough of an annoyance, my left eye has astigmatism.
Then on top of it all my right eye has an inward turn.
(the last time I got my eyes checked I just got a normal prescription for nearsightedness, nothing weird)

What's an eye turn, Nameless??
whelp, it means when my right eye has nothing to focus on it drifts slightly inward (in my case, there's also such a thing as an outward turn). Until it's forced to focus again it stays inward. This screws up my depth perception to a certain extent and, as it turns out, if left uncorrected can result in a lazy eye. So I get to have a cool prism lens for my right eye, which should fix any eye muscle strain and my **** depth perception.

A prism lens means I may not be able to get contacts (if I wanted them) because prism contacts are hard to make.

For you people who are confused by the 'special eyes' comment: