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The_Nameless_Bard's Mobafire Blog

30 May
I am crazy...I am not even halfway done with my blue sweater....and I desperately want to start another xD

this one is much more delicate (it's made out of a laceweight silk-wool blend)...and I've never knitted this much lace in one pattern...But I think I can do it!

I want to knit it in a pretty grey blue (I love blue xD).......
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30 May
Hey guys!

I'm on a ranked team and we're looking for some members...right now it's just two of us ^_^
For more info

We will be taking no more than 15 applications at a time

I will try to keep this post updated!

What we've got right now:
Support: Ilithiia/TheNamelessBard
AP Mid: Ilithiia/TheNamelessBard
Jungle: Arcana3
Solo Top: Rudmed
AD Carry: Reithena

Support: Vort
AP Mid:...
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24 May
so this is my little thing I wanna share with you guys.

I played the second and third movements of this concerto for solo/ensemble contest (I got a 1 on it :3) when I was a senior in HS, and listening to it again it's gorgeous. :3
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