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The_Nameless_Bard's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Guides

29 Sep

Views: 718 Guides

Now that I've got like 2 days of Cefdinir (antibiotic) left to take and my respiratory infection is mostly gone, I think I'll start up some work on a couple guides I'd been meaning to finish and/or write.

I started on one for support Sona a while ago and I want to work on a Leona one too.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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21 Nov

Views: 1805 Guides

Let's start with homophones:


Your: the possessive form of "you", generally used before a noun
Your eyes are a pretty color.
Your dog is cute.

You're: a conjunction of You & are, can be used in any situation where you would say "You are"
You're looking very pretty tonight.
You're a lovely young lady.


To: used as a function word to indicate an action if some sort.
I had to go to the store today.
I needed to get some mascara

Too: excessively or also
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