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Hiya! My name is Alex, but most people in LoL refer to me by my IGN: The Pink Poro.

I'm a 2 year veteran of Lol, and I've been an on and off jungler/ADC since I started playing. I've played around 3500 games overall, and I'm pretty comfortable I'm every role. I'm currently the Top Laner for Funaga Gaming, a full time college student and member of the Army National Guard. I play video games and guitar in my spare time, and more recently, I've gotten really involved on Mobafire. I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read and review my guides (top rated Maokai guide on Mobafire FYI), and read my fledgling blog "Musings on the Jungle." Anyhow, thanks for looking!

- Poro <3
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