"The gates open and he appears..."

The greatest warrior from The North. The one who has defeated uncountable soldiers, another soul-taker, Mordekaiser. That man was a monster, many people couldn't believe that there was a man under that huge gray armor and carrying such a heavy spiky mace. It was a fair battle, Nasus knew his enemy could use magic too.

A week ago, that armored man came to the Pyramid Palace and challenged the Pharaoh. The latter accepted and announced that the battle will be on the next slaughter day. Mordekaiser waited patiently until that night.

Both were just staring at each other, ready to strike, examinating the opponent, waiting for the first movement. The wind was blowing gently, a real silence, there were tons of people watching that match, but not a single word was said.
Mordekaiser charges at Nasus, but Wither hit the former and he was slowed. Here he comes, thought the warrior, activating his aura called Creeping Death. That didn't worry the Pharaoh, that readly activated Siphoning Strike. Everything was happening so fast, and Mordekaiser empowered his attack with Mace of Spades. They were synchronized, hit each other in the same second.
An explosion, a huge smokescreen, the Pyramid Palace were destroyed, Nasus dead on the ground.
They've won, this time...

Some info: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/blog/thejohn/explaining-things