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26 Jan
I was making some experiences in Skyrim, and the conclusion is that having tons of mana and reducing mana costs is better than having a good amount mana and mana regen

How things work in LoL? You can't reduce mana costs, and the regens are pretty slow since you are always using mana during fights. Having tons of mana alone doesn't work either. What's the solution?

Damage is the solution. You kill quicker, so you use less mana of your tons. You can't reduce the mana cost, but you can boost your damage. Instead of using skills more times, you can make them harass more
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01 Dec

Views: 783 "I won"?

You played that great match, the team score was 50/37, your team played well, and victory.
Then you go tell that to a friend. "Hey bro, check this" *shows the screenshot* "I won this match today, really awesome".

OK, you played well, but what happened to the rest of the team? You got 50 kills and your allies died 37 times? Of course not, everyone did their best to win.
There are times that you kill enemies and your team just feed, but thats not the situation here.

Why you say "I won" instead of "We won"? Its a team game, many players do their...
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26 Nov
"The gates open and he appears..."

The greatest warrior from The North. The one who has defeated uncountable soldiers, another soul-taker, Mordekaiser. That man was a monster, many people couldn't believe that there was a man under that huge gray armor and carrying such a heavy spiky mace. It was a fair battle, Nasus knew his enemy could use magic too.

A week ago, that armored man came to the Pyramid Palace and challenged the Pharaoh. The latter accepted and announced that the battle will be on the next slaughter day. Mordekaiser waited patiently until that night....
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26 Nov

Views: 2053 Nasus: The Pharaoh

There he was, the Great Pharaoh, sat on his throne, watching slaves erecting another pyramid.
Egyptians believed that gods looked like animals, or at least half animal and half human. The Pharaoh was known to be a god as well, and this one really could be called that way: he was a mixture of dog and human. Few knew his name: Nasus.

Nasus was feared by his powers. Several men dared to confront his army, and only once the enemies were killed by Egyptian hands; a disease killed the others, a plague sent by the Great Pharaoh. Enemies think he's a monster, Egyptians love him. His magic makes...
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26 Nov

Views: 859 Explaining things

The story seems a bit confusing, but I did that on purpose.

Nasus saved the Egyptian Empire from something that happened, no one knows what was that, but it destroyed the Earth. Only a few regions were lucky or powerful enough not to be gone forever. Those remaining parts merged themselves with pieces of other planets and a new world was created.
There are three Empires:

Egypt - ruled by Nasus, who is dead now
The North - ruled by The Duke, or Vladimir and his guard is Mordekaiser
Arrowtree - it has many regions together, but the main ruler is Ashe

I won't tell what destroyed...
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