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TheO7KingOfKings (Unverified)
Kha'Zix, Orianna, Syndra


Well I am not a pro player.I just like Mid lane and of course the mid lane champions.My favourite is Kha'Zix and I have achived a lot as him.Even do a Pentakill in one of my most important matches playing with my team.I got everyone's congratulation because I killed them almost all with my Void Spike.So,here are my favourite champions and my skills on them:
Mid Lane:
Syndra---> Trainee
Kha'Zix--> Mastered
Gragas---> Sufficient results

Top lane:
Nasus--->Satisfying results
Kha'Zix--> Satisfying results

Kha'Zix---> Semi-pro
Lee Sin---> Trainee

Bot lane(adc):
Vayne---> Inadequate Performance

Bot lane(support):
Blitzcrank:satisfying efficiency
Lux---> Satisfying efficiency