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TheOneWithBrains (Unverified)
Master Yi, Singed, Tryndamere
Melee DPS, Tank, Melee DPS


name: Glenn
age: 18
job: Student IT
location: Belgium
plays on irregular schedule (just when i have time)
Accepts challenges or team invites

writes builds for: dps/ad, nuker(mage) , tank

New builds are put on hold for an unknown time as im out of time for other projects who have to be finished first.

upcoming builds made alone:
- mundo
- singed
- ashe (working on it atm)
- caithlyn
- kayle (working on it atm)
- Teemo multiple builds (attack/Ap/hybrid)
upcoming builds made with assist from Janitsu:
- katarina (finished)
- Morderkaiser (finished)
- Poppy
- Xin Zhao
- Warwick
- annie
- nidalee
- jax
- shaco