Hello guys.

As you have observed, this person has been inactive for months, only to appear once in a while just to see what is happening in this site. As I observed, nothing has changed much except that GIF Guy has a very vibrant attitude and there is a guide contest again! I want to join, but I do not know where to start. Or what champion should I begin with.

Well, as usual, let's talk about League stuff. I finished in Platinum V just as the season ends. I struggled to climb from Gold II to Gold I for months until I got promos and have a winning streak. Well, I tend not to play AD Carry now and play mid more often. I learned how to play Lux again, and begin to pick up Xerath and Varus. I know how to play Syndra now and damn, I feel so good playing her. Knowing her story is she feels restrained to herself and knowing that she is freed, she could do anything.

And speaking of restraining, let's talk about myself.

First of all, I am not okay. I have been diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder a few weeks ago. I can't seem to talk about it because it's very long.

Anyway, starting from today I will not writes blogs here. I may write here again, but I will do this rarely. I have a blog now, but I currently have 3 blog entries, but I may add more again as time flies by. So here is the link for my blog:


PS. The latest blog as of November 27, 2016 (or November 28, 2016) tells about my state of mind.

Anyway, hope MOBAFire have a good day. Adieu.