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TheSilverDust's Mobafire Blog - Tag: TheSilverDust

26 Nov

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Hello guys.

As you have observed, this person has been inactive for months, only to appear once in a while just to see what is happening in this site. As I observed, nothing has changed much except that GIF Guy has a very vibrant attitude and there is a guide contest again! I want to join, but I do not know where to start. Or what champion should I begin with.

Well, as usual, let's talk about League stuff. I finished in Platinum V just as the season ends. I struggled to climb from Gold II to Gold I for months until I got promos and have a winning streak. Well, I tend not to play AD...
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06 Jul
Greetings, and welcome to my sixth entry on my blog. This is the first time that discusses heavily on League, so enjoy reading my blog!

I will begin at one question: is it bad that I'm becoming a Karma OTP?

I'm trying to play other champions I've mained before ( Ahri, Miss Fortune), but I feel that I'm lackluster when I am playing as those champions, resulting to my losses at ranked games. I'm also trying to play other champions that I rarely or never played before ( Syndra, Varus, Vladimir, Taliyah), but I feel bored the longer I play as those champions. I...
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27 Jun
So in my fifth blog, this will be about what happened to the guy that I dated and a lesson that I learned about the reality of life. All because of Snapchat.

So remember that I'm currently dating a Norwegian? Guess what? We're not talking to each other as of yesterday What was the reason? I took a screenshot of EVERY snap that he sent to me in Snapchat, and this is the thing that I only learned the moment it hit me: the person who sent the snap can see that you screenshot that snap. And he sends a lot. He told me that he doesn't like that which I only know at that day. And that...
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27 May
Hi guys, this is my fourth entry on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading this!

There is this person whom I've seen first in MOBAFire. He saw my blog post about how anxious I am, and he talked nice to me. He listened to all of my problems, and I listened to his. I wanted to talk more to him, so I decided to add him on Facebook. He accepted my friend request few days after I sent it, and we talked more. From being strangers, we became friends.

He lives from the other side of the earth, so talking to him is difficult. When it is day where I live, it is night in his place. LOL I think he is...
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