So in my fifth blog, this will be about what happened to the guy that I dated and a lesson that I learned about the reality of life. All because of Snapchat.

So remember that I'm currently dating a Norwegian? Guess what? We're not talking to each other as of yesterday What was the reason? I took a screenshot of EVERY snap that he sent to me in Snapchat, and this is the thing that I only learned the moment it hit me: the person who sent the snap can see that you screenshot that snap. And he sends a lot. He told me that he doesn't like that which I only know at that day. And that definitely branded me a creep to him and he became mad at me in our Facebook chat. And the last thing that he told to me is this (verbatim):

go bother someone else, i have other things to deal with..

So I'm just bothering him the whole time? I was like, "OK, if you say so, it's not like I have that much free time because I'm on vacation, you ***." But in reality, I did not respond to him. I took what he said like a champ. I just thought that you better leave some things behind which will cost you some great toll on you, since I'm fragile on the psychological aspect and what he just said triggered my anxiety. And I ultimately decided that I will not talk to him ever.

I hate people who say things like that to me. But let's be real: life is not always pleasant. We can receive praise or nonconstructive criticism in our whole lifetime, so we have to suck it in. We need to endure to survived reality. We need to be the ***** in our life.

So thank you for reading this, see you on my next blog!