Last year had been a blast for me. There are various thing that happened to me, whether it is good or bad. It might be late to do this kind of thing, but as one said "better late than never" so here's the table of contents:


So, let's get started!

About ME and ONLY ME!

I think you may already know me, but I think you don't. Well, I don't know so let me introduce myself in a proper way.

My name is Rai Justine, I am a 17-year old student from the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient. I am a Filipino (specifically, 12.5% Spanish, 83.5% Filipino). I live on a country full of ethnocentric people which you typically see in the internet ("PROUD TO BE PINOY, BLAH BLAH").

Before i got hooked into playing League, I am a god at playing Tekken 6. I exclusively use Lili, so I definitely know her assets and drawbacks when playing against typical opponents. I am also a huge fan of the "Persona" series, which I learned many things about life.

Last thing, I am a chuunibiyou and I'm proud of it. LOL that's all about me!

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College Life!

So in August last year, I was accepted to be a student in Unviersity of the Philippines Los BaƱos studying sociology. If you want to know more about this school, just click here.

Originally, I failed to pass the entrance exam. I mean, who would fail if you didn't answered almost 40% of the questions in the math portion? But I am this patient one who will willingly wait fir the ones who will be in wait list and give another shot to enter this university. I declined the other schools that I passed their entrance exam (their tuition fee is too much) & waited for many months to be accepted again in the school that I really want so bad.

I was told by the university's office to come to the campus for I will have an interview. Well, that is a long story so to be concise, I passed (yay!).

I am this typical introvert that doesn't want to go outside, but being in college made me step out of my comfort zone. And beginning there, it sparked many things that happened in my first months in college: joining a school organization, the importance of taking notes, balancing school and playing League, and many more.

And I just saw my grades, they're all pretty average. Average AF.

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Let's get this REALLY short because I will not get into details (it's sensitive imo) but I think it will be important: my family is in a big *****torm right now. Both of my parents (and other relatives) are not in good terms. My mother (and my older brother) has a huge amount of hate to my father's side which has been released in the middle of 2015. I am the one who was most affected by this happening for I am in the neutral side of this argument. So it's just that.

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My Climb To Gold!

I will be first to say this, but my climb to gold is VERY SLOW. Placed in Silver I, demoted to Silver II, and got promoted to Silver I, and got promoted in Gold I weeks before Season 5 ends. And it's good for me because I see improvement in my mechanics. I am still thankful to those who carried me in my 4th promo match. So for Season 6, I will play to improve and to be better at the game, not just to get another Victorious skin.

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MOBAFire & How It Changed Me!

Ever since I have been to MOBAFire, I've met many good (and not-so-good) people in the community. I say, this community can be a reality show, for there are lots of drama and lulz that made this site still alive and kickin' ***! So, I humbly have my gratitude to MOBAFire, for without this site, I will never reach where I am now (the sweet land of Gold IV)!

Special thanks to xDanielWang and his Ahri guide, he's the reason why I made this account in the first place!

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That's all for today and thank you for reading this blog of mine and have a good day!

* Spirit Rushes away*