Greetings, and welcome to my sixth entry on my blog. This is the first time that discusses heavily on League, so enjoy reading my blog!

I will begin at one question: is it bad that I'm becoming a Karma OTP?

I'm trying to play other champions I've mained before ( Ahri, Miss Fortune), but I feel that I'm lackluster when I am playing as those champions, resulting to my losses at ranked games. I'm also trying to play other champions that I rarely or never played before ( Syndra, Varus, Vladimir, Taliyah), but I feel bored the longer I play as those champions. I play as other roles when I'm playing with people that I know, but I often end up having mediocre KDA when I play.

But whenever I play Karma, I feel so comfortable whatever role I end up. I feel like it's just my body reject whatever champion that I'm playing and I end up having a bad performance except when i'm playing Karma. I feel like that I am Karma. It's like I cannot climb the ladder if i'm not playing as Karma EVERY ranked game.

But I hate that I'm playing comfortably at just one champion. I hate that, so please help me.