):< My boyfriend and I's three year anniversary is coming up in January. 98% of my friends are married and have kids already. They keep asking me when my boyfriend and I are going to get married and have kids. I even have family members asking now. They think it's silly of me to want to wait until I have lived on my own for a year or two. That I won't have enough time to get married and have kids. You know what, it's MY life. If I don't want to get married that's my choice. I'm so tired of it. Stop asking. I'm only 20,I'll be 21 in six months. In my opinion, I'm still too immature and young to get married. Yes, I am fine not being married for another 8-10 years. I'm so tired of this pressure. You know what I think about getting married right now?

I know it's a stupid thing to be ranting about,but you know what I'm so tired of feeling this kind of pressure from my friends and some of my family. My mom is one of the few who doesn't want me to have kids or be married right now. To be honest, I don't even want to be proposed to until after I have BA.

My rant is over :D