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Jungler, Support, Ranged DPS


I Am a Shoe
Jan 28th, 2013


I started playing League of Legends around ~Summer 2010, right after Vladimir came out (lol). I have over 4000 games played and I obviously love this game. One of my favorite things about LoL is the freedom of making your own builds. AP Xin, AP Yi, AP Tristana, AD Mordekaiser, etc. I love using builds that are unconventional.

I don't really have a favorite champion as I constantly change my main champs. However I do enjoy playing Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Rengar and Riven a lot!

My ultimate goal for League of Legends is to be known by the community. I'd be incredibly happy to have a stream but I would need a much better internet connection to do that :c.

About me in real life: I'm a 18 years old french canadian guy. I am doing a ''double-program'' (science + music) in a private college. I play Drums and I am super tall (around 6 ft. 3 inches)

Feel free to add me on the North American server (I'm also on EUW server with the same username but I don't play there very often), I will accept your request if my buddy list isn't full (I can't see your request if it's full x_x). If you just add me and never talk to me I will probably delete you later though :c.

Thanks for reading this, now I feel cool ;D

Click to see my Shiny Diamond Badge in-game :D
You can follow my ranked journey by visiting my thread; click here ;D (there's a picture of me with HotshotGG on the second page).

Finally, here's my Facebook Page if you wanna support me :DD

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