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29 Aug
Alright, this will probably be confusing as hell for most people but honestly if you don't like the numbers, just trust me and go read the *explanation* and *conclusion* parts :P. I was just trying some stuff that could MAYBE finally help me correctly compare Armor Pen vs AD and WHY they work the way they do and what is more effective in which situation... and it turns out I found some cool stuff. However, there is still mystery for me.


Case 1:
You: 200 AD, 0 Armor Pen
Target: 1000 HP, 100 Armor
Damage dealt: 100
Efective HP: 2000...
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25 Aug
Why hello there! I'm back! and this time with more of a ''kewl fax'' blog instead of a more helpful one let's say.

Yes, as you may have guessed from the tittle, I will try to find THE build that will make your The Culling deal the most damage possible, regardless of the viability of the build or of any other effects it may have on the rest of his kit.

Of course, there are always ways to cheat. For example, having a nearby Sona with a maxed Hymn of Valor or a Nidalee healing you with Primal Surge right before you ult, or having baron buff + a nearby ally with...
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22 Jun
Yo. I am quite angry at a bunch of things and I feel the need to tell everyone about it because I'm an attention ***** like that. ;D.

1. Master Yi getting reworked and Offbuilds slowly all getting killed

Enough said.

But seriously. I think you all saw that one coming from at LEAST ten hundred miles away. They literally specifically stated that AP Yi would't really be a thing anymore... at least for now. Is this real life? Is Riot spying on me, taking notes of which...
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14 May
What's up guys? This post will include maths to find out which item is best to get first on AP Tristana. Is it Deathfire Grasp or Rabadon's Deathcap ?

Only one item build: Rabadon's Deathcap vs Deathfire Grasp

AP Tristana at level 9 with Deathfire Grasp and two Doran's Rings will have

(9*2.53 + 30 + 120 + 2) + 5% = 183.51 AP

With that amount of AP, your spells all used together to burst will do 740 + (330% of AP) which means 1345.58 damage
Then there's Deathfire Grasp's active that will increase by 20% the damage done by W, R and 3...
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