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Janna, Teemo, Sejuani
Support, Caster DPS, Tank


I am a french let's player and cosplayer and started last year to get involved into this. I do everythign in english so I can have a bigger public.

You can go visite my youtube channel and my facebook page for my let's play, feel free to also suggest game and share my pages. &økkie/379603502070569

And I am bulding my personal and team cosplay page on facebook. My cosplay video will be on my let's play channel SHAMIExTokkie. If you have any name suggestion for the team or my personnal page, please send it on our team page.

Me and my friend Kruh are on a project about a gamer music band called BuJu: The Burning Justice, for youtube. We are currenly writing our first song called '' Rage '' and will be in french with english subs on CC.