ok,so personally id say its most about personal experience and how good you are with a certain champ,on the other side its the teamplay and how much damage you can do in teamfights,as well as disrupting the enemy at same time.

so lets start with early game, what are the basics on laning?

- creeping
there are 6 creeps in each wave,and 7 in every 4th wave, each creep is worth 18 gold

if you are able to last hit 2 waves of creeps,that gives you +about 200 gold advantage of enemy.

- pushing
ok,lets see you get countered or just play vs plain champ that is bad in unpushing the lane,
it would be smart to push the lane, but what are benefits?

+enemy cant engage
+enemy makes it harder to last hit
+you can hide in fog of war and gank
+you can take enemy wraiths (wards recomended)

-its harder for you to cs
-when you go in to take creeps,you can get ganked easly
-you cant engage on enemy

- gold/10
i heard you like gold/10?
-yes,because i like building deathfire and it pays off,even tho i wont get max possible damage at start,but in the end it can give you advantage of many 100's of gold.

- what to do aganist an enemy that is standing ahead of my creeps?
it can either be that your countered hard or not knowing how to handle a ertain champion

like most popular champs that do those things are;
never take him alone after lv6, juke his stun and burst him if you can, long ranges are good,and bursters (ziggs,xerath,brand,annie) and such

take cleanse for early,and wait for lategame,because he is really weak,also dont forget to keep calling ss.

it would be a nice idea to bring some MS runes and a stun, so you can juke her q and be effective when your jungler ganks,also try to bring some longer range csing if possible,
if she countered you, you should try to farm behind the tower,and call to your jungler if she tries her***ing you behind tower

mid game ,and what its about?

in mid game you are supposed to take dragon and start making teamfights, drake usually starts lategame,because the your team is strong enough to tank towers, and because if you still played bot after,it would be bad cause youd get situations 5v2

zyra is awesome mid game,because she can get pentas in dragon pit, in lower elo those turnarounds can win you the game

lategame and whats it about

simply,lategame is about teamfights,engages and taking towers to secure wins,
as mid player you should rarely lead engages,if ever, leave those things to tanks
your job in teamfight is to play your role, if your assasin (akali) your supposed to dive in, as soon as the chance comes, if you play ranged ap carry,stay back and try dealing as much dmg as possible and not get caught, if your playing malee mids (kata,kassadin,master yi),you have to wait for the chance when all the enemies have wasted their stuns, or at least most of them,and dive in to devastate them.

basically,mid is something like ad carry,with various jobs, from assasinating,dealing massive damage to distrupting enemy's engages and breaking their compositions

i hope this guide was helpful, also check out my yt channel and my forum post of guides:

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