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Topaz Eyes's Mobafire Blog

26 Sep
i see many people started following me and many people believe that i will reach the top,
so i promised that i would make a post about me and how i live as a gamer

so,lets start about when i go play a ranked game these days;

i usually play 1-2 ranked games a day and win,if i feel like winning, that game i put all my energy into it,so most of the day forward i just skype and laugh like an idiot.

what are my thoughts on losing a ranked game?
its just like,"damn im really out of patracice", or "i must try harder next time",

what have i learned in lol,to made...
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20 Sep
ok,so personally id say its most about personal experience and how good you are with a certain champ,on the other side its the teamplay and how much damage you can do in teamfights,as well as disrupting the enemy at same time.

so lets start with early game, what are the basics on laning?

- creeping
there are 6 creeps in each wave,and 7 in every 4th wave, each creep is worth 18 gold

if you are able to last hit 2 waves of creeps,that gives you +about 200 gold advantage of enemy.

- pushing
ok,lets see you...
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