i see many people started following me and many people believe that i will reach the top,
so i promised that i would make a post about me and how i live as a gamer

so,lets start about when i go play a ranked game these days;

i usually play 1-2 ranked games a day and win,if i feel like winning, that game i put all my energy into it,so most of the day forward i just skype and laugh like an idiot.

what are my thoughts on losing a ranked game?
its just like,"damn im really out of patracice", or "i must try harder next time",

what have i learned in lol,to made me stop ragning so much?
i never actually raged out loud,i never broke anything because of anger either,
i used to be raging every single day,blaming mates and stuff, also relationships with my friends and family became worse and worse, then i came to conclusion; rage only makes you play bad and keeps people away from you,while you keep feeling bad about everything and not trusting anyone

so,when i came to conclusion i started climbing elo and i rose myself from 800-1200 in about 1 week.

all you need to do is think,and look at map thinking "what could i do there to get kills easier"

my in real life is like,hanging out with friends in school,and playing games afternoon, i like metal and dubstep,depending on my mood, and i drink tons of red bulls

i had a realy hard life,if others didnt make it,i made it myself, so it was the worst possible from all sites,and i was the reason why i actually felt bad,later on in life i realized my mistakes, i got kind of same history IRL as in LoL.

right now,im like having my moments,like im kind of a split personallity,
usually youd find me serious and not very communicative,kind of a freak
but when i get home and open skype, im like full of energy, playing hard, laughing
makng pentas and stuff..

next thing is,i do have a kitty, i do love caffeine,im 17 years old and i live in slovenia (europe), i love good food,and i love playing league of legends

that concludes my irl info,if i missed something just comment my blog