You know, I never really talk about MOBAfail all that much in these things. Perhaps it's time to change that.

What's the point of all these guides here anyways?

I look around MOBAfail quite a bit and, honestly, I don't understand the need to have hundreds of guides about the same champion from which 90% of those guides all give:

1. Same rune setup.
2. Same masteries.
3. Same skill sequence order.
4. Same boring tips and descriptions of moves.

And to be honest, the reason for this is the voting system around these parts and the (lol) guide mentoring sections. Let's face it, anyone with half a brain knows where to go for build suggestions (anyone watch esports lately?). What makes you, the MOBAfailians, so qualified to give build advice over what's so freely and easily accessible to anyone willing to flip on a famous "He plays X role amazingly"'s stream? And even then, what's the point of all these guides when they're so cookie cutter/brain dead obvious tips/builds that pretty much equate to a drop of water to an endless black sea of ignorance?

I've never found myself clicking through MOBAfail guides once I got my grips on the game. Even before, the only guides I found myself looking through were troll guides and humor guides (magewick, AP yi, ect). For the longest time, and still going, I've looked at MOBAfail build rankings as nothing more than a beauty and/or popularity contest. I still do for the most part. It's why I don't actively participate in builds for this site (as well as partially being towards the "What more is there say" viewpoint.)

And guide critiquing is even more of a joke than anything else on this site. Why, do you ask? Well, if guides are supposed to be YOUR personal view of a champion, why the **** would you ask other people for advice on how to put together your guide via "Is my champion build/masteries/runes okay :3"? Design wise, I can sort of understand (beauty contest), but when you have to go to others to get approval on if your build looks good, you've no right to be posting that **** up if you don't have the faith in your own play style. That's just poor form.

And what's even more humorous to me is the constant flood of builds that get created when new champs come out. I mean, come the **** on, it's not even 1 hour when a champion hits PBE and we already got some losers drafting up guides for the champion. At this point, I'll learn more from the champion by loading up a bot game then I would searching through the cesspool that is MOBAfail guides up on here.

Let's face it; you guide makers are pointless. What you do is essentially done by every other average schmuck that plays this game (and they'll probably say what you're going to say better than you). And what's the point of you asking your crowd "What champ should I make a guide for next?" when essentially, it's going to be the same old **** said from the top 50 guides that already exist for a champion? You're comparable to the 50,000 books out there that aim to teach me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. What's the point on reading all those when, after book 1,000, you start to catch on that they're all saying the same thing but with different wording.

You don't have anything unique/interesting/abstract to say about the champion. Don't kid yourself. It's why I barely have any comment to say about champions these days because if you can't figure out how a champion works after the first 5 minutes of sitting in a custom game on your own, you probably need to pay a hooker $5 to slap you across the face.

So to all you guide makers out there, Toshabi is not impressed.

And that's pretty much my viewpoint on you.

What's even more funny is when the top rated guide makes can barely scrape the bottom of gold. What the croc is up with that? I'm getting a grilled cheese now.