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Toshabi's Mobafire Blog - Tag: League of Legends

01 Apr
Good Morning to all my dear MOBAFailians.

I've been reflecting on the subject of League for quite some time, and I think that it's about time I share my insight and thoughts of competitive ways of how I go about this game. There have been a few guides I've outlined in the past, but now, I believe it's time to cash on in on them and show you the way of how Toshabi plays League of Legends.

I know I've been the harshest critic of guide building as a whole, but after having an enlightening discussion with PotatisFarfar, I feel like I've a new way to look about it all. Guides being...
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01 Feb
Today, chaos struck home here at Runeterra when a wave of unexpected complaints flooded the office of the tribunal. According to what the tribunal publicly released, over 60% of these complaints were from jurors who felt that many of the cases brought in are being unfairly ruled by fellow jurors. These complaints weren't the only thing to hit the tribunal, a wave of copies of the cases the jurors were complaining about flooded the secretary's office of the tribunal. The cases examined were all records of summoners who were put through the tribunal and found guilty of the crimes they were...
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