The stats:
CS 200.5 (6.5)
1.41:1 KDA
4.8 / 6.5 / 4.3
46 Played
today was such a bad day, I inted like a ****ing pig and lost accordingly , I had a sump that was just trolling (0 vision score in 30 min), well my Jung just a ****ing disgusting kia player.
And I didn't snowball enough my lane I guess I was only 4/0 at that time my botlane was already 1/13 together so I couldn't carry.
Then I tried towerdiving w/o enough hp and well lost , I tilted and qd up again and lost the last game someone took renekton so I took teem but there was kennel top and renekton mid.
I cab like I never wanted to quit so much I created a new league account but now I'm fine and chill so I'm not gonna continue with it.
my cs got better.
I just want gold.