This isn't necessarily about jungle routes, but just things to note while jungling:

- when picking a jungler, you need to take things into account. First is the enemy jungler. Are they a good counter-jungler? If so, you might want to pick a champion that's more resistant to that kind of thing. Udyr, trundle, lee sin, warwick are all strong junglers that can do whatever the hell they want when they get counter jungled. Bad champions to pick are amumu or fiddlesticks.

Second is your lane compositions. Does your team have a champion that is very strong late game, but probably won't win their lane matchup? In this case, don't pick junglers that can't early game gank, or champions that can't gank frequently (level 2, 3, or 4 are all early ganks). Good champions to pick are nunu, lee sin, nocturne, shaco, fiddlesticks, rammus and anyone else who has a quick clear time on blue route and decent ganking potential at level 4. Bad picks are master yi, warwick, and to an extent gangplank and tryndamere (these two champions usually don't start blue, so they gank at level 5. However, they can gank pretty well at that level, so it's just a matter of time and not a matter of ganking). Anyone else who can't gank well are probably not good picks either.

Lastly is the relative tankiness of your team, and the AP/AD balance. If you have AD mid, top, and bottom, you'll want to take an AP jungler like fiddlesticks. If your team is really squishy (no off-tank top or some super squish champion like veigar), you'll want to take a tanky jungler like amumu, rammus, or any atmogs jungler with decent CC (lee sin and nocturne come to mind).

- About dragon control:

Do not die right before the enemy is going to take dragon. This might seem inevitable if it's going to happen, but your life is far more valuable if dragon is up and your team has a shot of contesting it. This doesn't mean don't gank, but don't do it at low health and certainly don't die on purpose just to achieve some greater good (for instance, don't dive the enemy so your AD carry can get a double kill). This might seem like you're benefiting from the positive trade, but in reality that gives the enemy team a chance to take dragon (provided they have enough wriggles in their favor) without much chance to stop it. Even if your team could beat them 3v4, two wriggles (one from jungler, one from solo top teleporting in (this is assuming the AD carry is dead from that sick double kill you got by being a martyr)) will probably take dragon fast enough to net the enemy team a dragon. That's 190 gold for every enemy teammate, so to win from a dragon fight without smite (since you can't take dragon from any competent jungler without smite), you'll need to kill all the enemies at dragon and then push a turret while they're down. TL;DR your jungler wins dragon fights, don't get killed until dragon is down.

Moreover, with enough wriggles the enemy can take dragon before you can even get there. To alleviate this, make sure to be around dragon whenever it's up, and take it whenever you have the advantage. If you can't take it, just stay in one of three places: 1. mid lane, 2. bottom lane, 3. purple side blue buff area or blue side red buff area. This way, if the enemy starts trying to dragon, you can (hopefully, but possibly not) get there in time to smite steal and fight for dragon. And for the love of god DO NOT GANK TOP LANE. The second the enemy jungler sees you top lane (especially if your top laner doesn't have teleport), they can take dragon really fast, and you can't contest it at all because you have 3 players around dragon and they probably have 4. The best you can do in that situation is push top lane (which might be worth it if you can do that), but it's best to get dragon from the enemy team than to give up dragon in order to take a turret.