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13 Nov

Views: 1321 Zilean

Zilean is not a support. He's a support mage, so build him like a mage.

Runes: mrpen marks, because they're the only decent mage marks.
seals are probably best as mana regen, but armor could work too.
glyphs and quints should be AP, so your laning is super strong.

Masteries: 9/0/21 is best, because there's not much other options for mages. All the masteries here should be common sense.

Summoners: Flash/Ignite, because flash is amazing and ignite secures you those kills when you bomb + ignite.

Items: Start Boots and 3 Health Potions, because that way you...
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12 Nov

A combination of 12 arpen and 14% attack speed for reds and quints gives me good damage and sustain (from warwick's passive). Armor seals and mres per level are good to make warwick super tanky. Optional runes include full aspd for reds and quints, or aspd blues.


I use 21/0/9 masteries for jungling because I like my route to be really fast. Most pros seem to like 14/0/16 or 15/0/15, so just choose what you feel is best. 0/21/9 could potentially work well for late game, but warwick doesn't have much speed in the jungle so you'd be losing out on a lot there. Late...
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12 Nov
This isn't necessarily about jungle routes, but just things to note while jungling:

- when picking a jungler, you need to take things into account. First is the enemy jungler. Are they a good counter-jungler? If so, you might want to pick a champion that's more resistant to that kind of thing. Udyr, trundle, lee sin, warwick are all strong junglers that can do whatever the hell they want when they get counter jungled. Bad champions to pick are amumu or fiddlesticks.

Second is your lane compositions. Does your team have a champion that is very strong late game, but probably won't win...
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