The Ice Bucket Challenge, often referred to as ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started as a campaign to collect money for the the cure of ALS(a disease). At first it was, indeed, a very kind move on the celebrities' side BUT right now it has just gone out of control.

Common people are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, only for their own joy, wihout donating a single Euro/ Dollar. Thus the action has become pointless. Seriously if you're not to donate just don't do it. I don't really see why you would throw liters of ice cold water on your head. Be honest with yourself: "Would you do it if it hadn't been for celebrities doing it first?"

On another note, just think of how much water is wasted. You could argue that we spend far more water for other things as well but they are mostly essential.

Still if have not convinced you, then I'd beg you to at least learn about ALS before you take part in the challenge. It's actually really sad that even some of the pioneers of the Ice Bucket Challenge probably do not have a clue about the disease itself.

If you want to help with curing ALS just go and donate! Ask your family and your friends to donate themselves. Do not nominate them for the Ice Bucket Challenge, though.

There really is no point in going with the flow all the time!