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H82BCornHolio (Unverified)
Rammus, Janna, Kennen
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Hi reader :)

I love this damn game.. LoL

It started like 10 years ago, when i experienced DotA for the first time. I found her so challenging and fun! But after seeing her faults, and their were many, I started doubting her potential for personal growth aswell. So after only doing her occasionally for some years I started looking and LoL there she was! xD

Jokes aside, LoL is to me the greatest game ever made!
I believe i started playing very cassually in mid season 2 and havent stopped since. They somehow maneged to fix pretty much everything that was wrong with DotA. And at the same time make it a competetive and progressive game.
I really love how stategy and 1v1 PvP elements are combined with pretty much endless possibility's of fx. champion combinations and things to learn.

Also just that the skill cap is so high in LoL!

And I think LoL does manage to make the necessary and right decisions on the further development of the game. There are mistakes at times but they are mostly fixed quickly ,and new large changes will almost always seem bad at first glance. I am for one really starting to like this patch.

And Im a pretty good EUW Diamond player (2-5), having allot of games over the last 2 years, in several roles with a set of key champions;

Mostly played: Janna, Kennen, Shen, Rammus, Maokai, Braum, Volibear, Morgana

Only a few games recently: Leona, Nautilus, Rumble

Sometimes I post stuff in Theory crafting and guides, and you are welcome to comment! :)

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