I'm currently in college.

I recently got past my first semester, and I've been having a great time as a proud Zip in the University of Akron. I could've done better, though - and I need to do better.

As much as I desire to be a professional gamer, I can't just magically zap myself to the top all because I dream to do so. College is expensive, and I'm not gonna make these four years of my time in college be a complete waste of money.

I start my next semester very soon. Once that happens, I might not be able to update my guides as quickly as I'd want to. I'll need to dedicate more time to studying, doing homework, and making my education worthwhile.

That doesn't mean I'm planning on taking a hiatus, but I WILL notify you if I have to take one. All it means is that I'll have to come up with a proper schedule and to get serious about college.


Riley "MediaMix1"