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16 Jan
College has been keeping me busy, lately. I haven't been getting a lot of time to work on my guides. On the bright side, I've got plenty of time in between my classes, so I'm happy to spend my free time getting better at the game!

Not too long ago, I played Ranked for the first time. I won the game, getting an S. I've not been playing any more ranked games yet, though I plan to do so in the near future for Twitch livestreams. Until then, you can know me as that girl in Iron elo that compares her guides to the likes of Vapora. :P...
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11 Jan

Views: 318 Thank You

As of today, my guide for Ahri is currently my fastest-growing guide so far (not to mention the first one I made to get some votes).

I hope you guys like what I've making so far. I don't plan on stopping. College may get in the way of how much I can work on my guides, but it won't completely stop me. I plan to improve my guides so that they can one day compete with the likes of Vapora Dark, and it's your feedback that helps motivate me to keep going.

Here's to the future! :D
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10 Jan

I'm currently in college.

I recently got past my first semester, and I've been having a great time as a proud Zip in the University of Akron. I could've done better, though - and I need to do better.

As much as I desire to be a professional gamer, I can't just magically zap myself to the top all because I dream to do so. College is expensive, and I'm not gonna make these four years of my time in college be a complete waste of money.

I start my next semester very soon. Once that happens, I might not be able...
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30 Nov

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Garen is my secret boyfriend.
Here are my reasons as to why!

(WARNING - Garen fangirls might suffer from the following symptoms while reading about Garen:)

  • Anime nosebleeds
  • Spinning around with your computer screaming "DEMACIA!"
  • Crashing into your parents while spinning, leading them to question if you're high on drugs.
  • ******s
  1. AMAZING attack damage...
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