Here are some team compositions, if you and your friends want to create a team.

Hard Engage

The hard engage composition is based on a team with lots of CC, and is focused on TFs.
Champion examples of hard engage :
Top : Malphite, Jarvan IV, Zac
Mid : Orianna, Kayle
Jungle : Nocturne
ADC : Ashe, Kog Maw
Sup : Leona, Blitz.

Hard engage teams are countered by Desengage teams

AOE Lockdown

An AOE L. team is based on making the enemy be impossibilited to move. Focused on TFs.
Champions examples of AOE L. :
Top : Kennen
Mid : Orianna, Twisted Fate.
Jg : Say to me at comentaries
ADC : Varus, Ashe (With ult)
Sup : Sona, Leona.

AOE L. are countered by Desengage teams.


Based on champions with high range of skills and basic atacks, that goes hitting enemies of a secure distance. Not good at Tfs.
Champions Examples of Poke :
Top : Jayce
Mid : Syndra, Lux, Orianna
Jg : Gragas, Nidalee
ADC : Ezreal
Sup : Sona

Poke teams counters Desengage teams

Champions are so defensive that avoid TFs, and have sustain/shields.
Champions examples of Desengage :
Top : Jayce
Mid : Say to me in comentaries
Jg : Nidalee
ADC : Varus
Sup : Sona, Soraka

Split Push
Consist on pressuring 2 lanes at the same time.
Champions :
Top : Tryndamere
Mid : Twisted Fate
Jg : Jax
ADC : Twitch
Sup : Blitz

Consists on killing enemies isolated from other enemies, and bad posicionated.
Champions :
Top : Nautilus
Mid : Twisted Fate
Jg : Nocturne
ADC : Say to me at comentaries
Sup : Leona, Thresh, Blitz

Consists on protecting the ADC, that becomes powerfull at the end of game.
Champions :
Top : Say to me at comentaries
Mid : Kayle
jg : Lee Sin
ADC : Vayne, Kog Maw
Sup : Soraka, Blitz