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tuborglover (Unverified)
Wukong, Caitlyn, Singed
Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tank


21 year old boy from the central part of norway.

status: unemployed

relationship: none

i like handzup! music mainly, and i watch tv shows, and movies on my computer, as they dont send shows and films until 6 months after they have originally been released in the US

other games curently playing: DDO, and Civ 5, did play wow until i got hacked, and accsed of trying to sell my account, it happened before the summer break so it was ruined completely, now i cant get online on my account.

chars: Blautmuse 85 with most of the gear avaliable from BWD and BoT, Olaugur most of the items avaliable from crafting + gear from pre summer heric dungeons, igorath, draumdansarn, thewberg, mjĂžlnir, and tuborglover are other charrs i have, most of them are at the realm xavius, and last time i played that server is mainly populated by players from sweden, and other scandinavians, allthough it would not amaze me if the eastern europeians have occupied the server and made a mess of it ;P