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Well, here I am.

Born in the early eighties it took quite a long time to get a computer of my own. First I had to share it with my sister, but already then I was the one who spended most of the time there in comparison to my sister.

I started with games like Transporter Tycoon, SimCity, Duke Nukem. Lateron Warcraft, Red Alert. However, MMOs like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and AION followed and I tested LoL out for first time. It was a desaster... so I stopped playing.

BUT THEN came the reminder email my account would be deleted for being inactive so I restarted with LoL again. I don't know why I didn't like it before. Today I can't hardly stop playing. ;)

Anyway, I also got DOTA 2 but I don't like it really. LoL is my favourite, let's find out, what my summoners way will be like! :D



NOTE: Tuempeltigga is my nickname in www, it could be translated with "tarn tiger". It has got nothing to do with the Tigger of Whinnie Pooh. Tuempeltiger was a fault answer in a TV show and I liked it very much. I changed it to Tuempeltigga and my nick was born. Friends call me Tigga, even my parents started to do so. So what was my real life name then? Maybe you gonna find out... ;)