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Tuggiesftw (Unverified)
Ezreal, Karma, Malphite
Ranged DPS, Support, Tank


Long time LoL player reaching almost my 3rd year. Joined Mobafire to create a guide for Diana but feel almost compelled to do more than just that. I do not wish for fame or even a lot of votes or rep, i just want players to utilize champions to the up most potential. Including but not limited to Builds and Play Styles. Currently Working on my Coding to create very Colorful and tl;dr friendly Blogs and Guides. I am a Very In-Depth person and love to get down to the nitty gritty of any Champion or Subject. Finding all Flaw's and Strengths for Builds and Play styles to effectively provide valid information that will improve your gameplay. Names Tuggies, or real name Barron i dont mind being called either name.