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Well, I’m an addict to League of Legends and have been for some time now. Nothing gets my socks knocked off quite like a perfectly executed Ace. A brief history on my “Play Style”, When I first started playing league I was an Ability Power Katarina, Spin for the Win was my motto for about a month, I how-ever was asked if I would switch to Jungling for my friends. Unsure of what to do with jungling, a quick search on Google showed me Warwick. At this point I owned 2 characters, Katarina and Rumble.
The guide suggests I play Warwick or Udyr, I choose Warwick because he’s a werewolf, and not one of those punk ***** twilight werewolves, read his lore… Warwick is ****ed up! Turns out I really liked Jungling, It was a cinch to learn and perfect to play with ease. Killing dragon by level 6, hunting enemies passing through my rivers, Life was good. Warwick taught me a lot about positioning and map layout. After a while I started to grow bored with Warwick and the sheer ease of taking down even the mightiest of melee foes.

As a self-challenge, I thought I’d learn a range attacker, such as Caitlyn. Caitlyn was the first champion I used and actually thought of her as proficient at long range murder
, she the first hero to teach me Harassing and Baiting, she too grew too easy and I switched again.

Heimendinger was next on my list, I’d never seen anyone do great with him or so I thought. Heimendinger taught me more about the game and “income” then any other champ had, I’d learn that gold income could be really good if you targeted the minions, 300+ minion kills was average in a game if you do the math it is good money. I learnt a lot about different builds, Tank Heimendinger was probably the funniest spec to pull. Heimendinger had taught me a lot and it was time to move on once again, This time on the list was Rammus.

Rammus was the first tank I used and the most effective assist killer. Rammus taught me about my item build, tanks have the most diverse selection of items. Rammus was another hero to face the “Too easy to play” chopping block. With Rammus, Heimendinger, Caitlyn, Warwick and Katarina down, I decided it was time to just start playing in-spam random heroes. It was during these “Random Games” that I discovered so many heroes that I play a lot still to this day.

At the moment I am currently Sitting on 100/100 champions owned, Currently waiting for Zyra to be released I’m a tad excited to try her out
too. Until then I’ll be learning Trundle, The Troll to a level of “Competency”, (For league players competency should always be most gold earnt in game). If you’re ever looking to play a round or two of League of Legends, Hit me up!
Summoner: TuxedoTex
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