I have recently gotten back to Platinum, and I have realized how fun the game can be when you make a really sick play. After watching a lot of montages by various youtubers that are around Plat - Diamond and they tend to put in clips of them playing Lee Sin, Fizz, Ezreal, Lux etc...and those videos give me the real urge to start playing this range of champions, as well as other champions like Twisted Fate and Ahri.

I think that these select champions are EXTREMELY strong when a person who masters them, plays them. Yes I know that any champion can be like this (any champion is good if you can play them really well) but I am really intrigued in learning these few champions because they are fun and also hard to play and also extremely strong, I feel like they will increase my skill level if I am committed, and that is what I have to do if I want to get Diamond (which I really do want).

:) feel free to join the movement. #TheLolUrge