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Mordekaiser, Shen, Karthus
Jungler, Tank, Caster DPS


I've been playing LoL for a while now, and just try to have fun and get better. Throw me a friend invite if you want, I haven't got enough people to play it with. I can really play any role, usually going:
Top: Dr. Mundo, Gangplank, Shen, Shyvana, Singed, Sion, Tryndamere
Jungle: Alistar, Dr. Mundo, Karthus, Master Yi, Olaf, Rammus, Shen, Shyvana, Tryndamere
Mid: Galio, Karthus, Mordekaiser, Orianna, Pantheon, Ryze, Twisted Fate, Viktor, Zed
Bot carry: Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, AP Tristana, Twisted Fate
Support: Alistar, Blitzcrank, Orianna, Shen, Zilean

Yes, I'm in bronze, always have been. I try to climb the ladder, but for some reason every game I either make a simple mistake that I normally wouldn't and it ruins the whole game, or I just get a team full of people who rage at each other, feed intentionally, then go AFK.
I'd love to climb ranks but it doesn't work for me. I still think I'm at least marginally better than some of the people in my division, I have been playing since about a month after the start of season 2.

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