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KùngFùKenny (Unverified)
Soraka, Cho'Gath, Zed
Support, Tank, Assassin


Hey, I'm Unclejoey123, I've been playing league for roughly 4-5 months, and I've learnt a lot playing League of Legends. I've made friends, had fun, had serious games, and seen it all. I main support and top lane, but I can play mid, jungle, and adc all alike. My favorite champions are Cho'gath, Malphite, Soraka, Bard, Akali, Zed, Fiddlesticks, and Sivir. When I take games serious I carry, and my rank may surprise you, but I have accumulated a lot of knowledge playing the game (enough), to be able to teach others what to build and how to play. Thank you.

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