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V1kt0r555's Mobafire Blog

12 May
Hello. When I was updating my guide, I added more matchups to add some sort of thingss. When I write the name of ability some of them shows wrong as item and some does'nt even show. When I added Soraka, It doesn't show Her Q and E ability instead it shows an upgraded Item from Ornn, not the ability for no reason. At Viego, his passive icon doesn't show instead it only shows words and his Q Blade of the Ruined King shows an Item, not the ability. That is the only problem I have. Anyone have the same problem as I do? If yes, then tell me how to fix this or should I wait for them to fix this...
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28 Jan
I created new Veigar guide last week. I checked everything that make sure that I have no mistakes about writing and it was OK. Then today when I was going to add something new and i checked again by clicking preview, for some reason, a lot of words are completely dark black and i can barely see it. I tried something to fixing it by removing and adding words again but they are still black for no reason. Is anyone have the same situation as I have? Does anyone know how to fix this or is this bug os something? Please let me know! It would be a pleasure!
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