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Vaellen (Unverified)
Ezreal, Nasus, Brand
Ranged DPS, Jungler, Caster DPS


Champions which I am very good at playing and roles which I can play them in:

Tank: Alistar
AD/Offtank: Nasus, Jarvan IV
AP/Offtank: Mordekaiser, Cho'Gath
Melee AD Carry: Talon, Nocturne, Pantheon, Xin Zhao
Ranged AD Carry: Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Ashe
Melee AP Carry: Kassadin, Mordekaiser, Sion
Ranged AP Carry: Brand, Veigar, Twisted Fate
Jungler: Warwick, Nocturne, Cho'Gath, Shaco, Ezreal, Jarvan IV, Master Yi, Xin Zhao
Hybrid: Jax, Ezreal, Mordekaiser

League of Legends Champions:

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