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Name: Jay
Surname: Edens
Country: Netherlands, the


I'm Jay Edens living in the Netherlands, far top and east a little town called Midwolda.
I study ICT at the University Alfa-college. I got some ICT jobs, fixing computers and building them. Got a sweet girlfriend Maaike which I'm very proud of, being in a serious relationship for 2 years. My main hobby's are gaming, party and fitness. I started to play League of legends in August 2010 when a friend of mine past me a link of the download and said "Dude, you gotta check this game out.. it's so addictive." So I began to play it and yeah I liked it very much, after a couple of months I noticed some sites like leaguecraft and mobafire. I began to explore some champion within the details of them and I start writing builds for others. I just love to share my thoughts on champions. Thats about it.